The Human Underground’s mission is to uncover the hidden aspects of human physiology that play an essential role in our body’s proper functioning, through the lens of personal experiments I have undertaken or am currently undertaking. I suppose you could call them “unconventional body hacks.” There will be no “drink 8 glasses of water a day” or “get 8 hours of sleep a night” here. Rather, “keep your mouth closed, teeth together, and tongue on the roof of your mouth if you want to have proper development of your facial features” and “deep beathing to try to calm yourself down during a panic attack, what we’re always told to do, actually makes panic attacks worse.” By gaining a better understanding of how the body actually works, we can see why certain actions lead to poor health. So I aim to not only share what I’ve learned, but also explain the science behind why something works. Get ready to see your body in a whole new way. Disclaimer: all the info I share is based on research I have done on the internet. These experiences are my own and yours may vary. But by adopting these different behaviors, I have seen dramatic improvements in my health, and wanted to share them in the hopes it might help others.